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26 Nov. 2010

Nespresso: Porter's 5 Forces Analysis for the coffee market

Étude de cas - 4 pages - Marketing tourisme

Portion-coffee is defined as single cup coffee systems, offering individual portions of freshly ground coffee. Portion-coffee systems come in several coffee machines systems like, filter, automatic, pads or capsules . In this segment, Nespresso offers hermetically sealed and colored...

25 Nov. 2010

Marketing and the promotion of Bordeaux Wines in France and abroad

Mémoire - 60 pages - Marketing tourisme

In the past few years, there has been a new phenomenon known as the 'French Wine Crisis'. This industry of French wine previously known as unique and untouchable is now confronted by an international competition that has been able to adapt its products and features for the wine consumers...

20 Nov. 2010

Does men perfume advertising influence French men (Nantes) consumers in their decision making process?

Dissertation - 35 pages - Marketing tourisme

The advertising is currently present everywhere in our society where the information and the communication are dominant. Indeed, the studies demonstrate that we receive on average three thousand advertisements a day intended to influence us, what illustrates perfectly the omnipresence of the...

20 Nov. 2010

Case Analysis: Absolut Vodka - Managing Marketing Communications

Étude de cas - 5 pages - Marketing tourisme

Much of Absolut's success can be attributed to chief executive Roux's marketing astuteness as he defied conditional marketing research data and transformed the adversarial environment into an opportunity. Similarly, what was an odd shaped bottle became Absolut's distinctive appeal and...

19 Nov. 2010

International customer behavior: How mp3 industries created and developed a new market?

Cours - 26 pages - Marketing tourisme

We prefer to study the MP3 player market as it is a novel and fast growing one. Flourished in 2004, the MP3 player replaced the old devices like walkman and disc man, thanks to the technological developments. In 1998, an unfamiliar brand introduced the first MP3 player and it was only in 2001...

19 Nov. 2010

Integrated marketing communication(IMC) Measurement & Evaluation

Présentation - 38 pages - Marketing tourisme

1) Consumer-generated advertising - People ? Consumers AND Generators - Creation of their own advertising ? loss of control - Consumer agency - Not only “co-creating brand meaning” but also “creating brand...

19 Nov. 2010

Heineken marketing strategy and communication mix

Étude de cas - 20 pages - Marketing tourisme

In the Irish market, the beer industry is very important. Beer consumption is a way of life for the Irish people. Few international companies share the market. The most famous is Guinness. In order to stay strong in this competitive market and to maintain or gain market shares and also to...

19 Nov. 2010

A sustainable luxury: When the luxury industry is becoming green - A report on the luxury industry market mix

Dissertation - 11 pages - Marketing tourisme

Until now, people have been familiar with the bio yoghurts and the bio vegetables but today it is for the luxury industry to become eco-friendly and ethical. Some big groups and companies of the sector have begun to make progress in this growing market. More than ever, the notion of the respect...

10 Nov. 2010

Les stratégies des opérateurs sur l'île de Noirmoutier

Dissertation - 30 pages - Marketing tourisme

Ce dossier a pour objectif de présenter les divers acteurs du développement de l'île de Noirmoutier, à savoir la Communauté de Communes (anciennement SIVOM), les partenaires actuelles et deux nouvelles propositions de partenariat. Ces nouveaux partenariats ont pour objectif de développer...

10 Nov. 2010

Le marketing territorial de l'île de Noirmoutier

Dissertation - 65 pages - Marketing tourisme

La communauté de commune de Noirmoutier a décidé de réaliser le bilan du programme d'aménagement et de développement du canton de Noirmoutier, 20 plus tard. Ainsi nous vous présentons tout d'abord les différents éléments qui nous ont permis de faire le constat en 2009 de l'état de l'île de...

09 Nov. 2010

Do brands suffering from the effects of aging can ever hope to find a second life?

Thèse - 64 pages - Marketing tourisme

Invisible, imperceptible, disquieting, time has now become a dominant concern in our societies. The fact is that the Human remains powerless to time. So the time has become both enemy and absolute covetousness; its control, a priceless Grail. Human is subject to time, he is forced to be subjected...

08 Nov. 2010

DuPont: Case Study

Étude de cas - 6 pages - Marketing tourisme

Problem definition is the most important step in a marketing research project. It involves stating the general problem and identifying the specific components of the marketing research problem. And only when the marketing research problem has been clearly defined, the research can be designed and...

25 Oct. 2010

Lenovo Vs. Helwett Packard in the Chinese market

Étude de cas - 22 pages - Marketing tourisme

The Chinese PC market is, behind the US, the second largest market in the world. With its 1.3 billion inhabitants and an expected market growth of 19%, the Chinese PC market is probably one of the most interesting emerging markets. While the local companies were very strong in the past,...

07 Oct. 2010

International Marketing: Launching a French restaurant in Spain

Étude de marché - 8 pages - Marketing tourisme

Spain is a European country situated on the South Western of France, on the Eastern side of Portugal. It is boarded by Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. As we can see it on the picture, the Spanish flap is composed of three colours: red on the top, a yellow stripe and a second red one....

15 août 2010

Dubai-Land, would the pharaohs have dared?

Dissertation - 11 pages - Marketing tourisme

Dubai's fast improvement to a thriving city that is the model of modernity and global commerce was spearheaded by the discovery of oil and gas in the UAE. Subsequently Dubai's government launched a program of re-investment and diversification. As a result, the opulence generated by oil and gas...

30 juil. 2010

French and English Documents Review - Dubai, a good model of tourist development?

Dissertation - 34 pages - Marketing tourisme

The Persian Gulf region is known for being a very important area in terms of geopolitics. It holds up to 57% of the world's oil reserves and produces 27% of the global oil. Useless to say how vital to the world energy supply this region is and how extreme the tensions generated by this situation...

26 juil. 2010

Développement durable et tourisme dans l'Aude

Dissertation - 7 pages - Marketing tourisme

«L'Aude est une terre privilégiée, voie antique de passage entre l'océan Atlantique et la Méditerranée. Une terre où le passé donne force et beauté au présent. Une terre où la tradition côtoie avec poésie et charme l'insolite. Une terre où la diversité des paysages offre une émotion de chaque...

05 juil. 2010

Le tourisme vert

Dissertation - 4 pages - Marketing tourisme

La France est la première destination touristique du monde. La notion de tourisme vert est liée à celle de tourisme rural dont la définition reste assez floue. L'INSEE parle de tourisme à la campagne ou de tourisme vert. Le tourisme rural concerne environ 85 % du territoire français (station de...

25 juin 2010

Dubailand - would the pharaohs have dared?

Dissertation - 8 pages - Marketing tourisme

Dubai is the second largest of the seven city states in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with Abu Dhabi as the largest. Since Dubai has proven reserves of only 4 billion barrels of oil, the government decided to implement a new strategy of economical diversification in order to get out of the...

21 mai 2010

Projet professionnel personnalisé - le métier de chef de produit touristique

Dissertation - 6 pages - Marketing tourisme

J'ai choisi le métier de chef de produit touristique qui m'intéresse particulièrement puisque je souhaiterais travailler dans le domaine du tourisme. Afin d'en savoir plus sur la profession à laquelle je me destine et de conforter mon choix je vais présenter le métier et notamment...

19 mai 2010

Establishment of the "Easy Hotel"in Madrid

Étude de cas - 19 pages - Marketing tourisme

EasyHotel is a chain of ‘no frills' hotels run by the privately held conglomerate EasyGroup. We chose to base our research on such a hotel chain as we feel the low cost concept hospitality sector is an important growing sector. EasyHotel is a novel and exclusive concept; we have all been...

05 mai 2010

Dossier pour l'épreuve de Patrimoine régional (BTS AGTL)

Fiche - 6 pages - Marketing tourisme

Dossier pour l'épreuve de Patrimoine régional (BTS AGTL).

21 avril 2010

Les Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (NTIC) et le tourisme

Dissertation - 13 pages - Marketing tourisme

Au-delà du simple fait de voyager, le tourisme est un secteur d'activité qui subit l'influence de nombreuses autres industries, en termes de transports, innovations technologiques, carburant… Et c'est aussi un domaine créateur de millions d'emplois et facilitant le développement de certains...

27 Mars 2010

L'association "El verdadero Chile", ou comment développer le tourisme au Chili en préservant la population

Dissertation - 5 pages - Marketing tourisme

El turismo en Chile hizo uno de las directoras de colegio recursos económicos, especialmente en cansado zonas extremas del país. Las agencias de viajes tradicionales supieron sacar provecho de ventajas que proporcionan las magníficas regiones de Chile, pero desgraciadamente los habitantes de...

15 Mars 2010

Space tourism - major players and offers

Étude de marché - 8 pages - Marketing tourisme

Space tourism, which is now restricted to a few wealthy travellers, is about participating in manned flight in space. This new tourism appeared in 2001 and is a collaboration between space agencies and private companies. With tickets costing between 20 and 30 million dollars, space tourism is...

07 Mars 2010

Le tourisme d'affaires

Dissertation - 6 pages - Marketing tourisme

Le tourisme d'affaires représente les visites effectuées à l'occasion de voyages professionnels. Le tourisme d'affaires possède deux dimensions : une liée au tourisme et l'autre en relation avec le secteur professionnel : le premier aspect est purement touristique. Il consiste à...

05 Mars 2010

Le Routard - The communication campaign for 2010

Étude de cas - 37 pages - Marketing tourisme

The name 'Le Routard' might sound very familiar for all French speaking travelers. This brand is basically known for producing a large line of travel guides, and they also have a collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. In our work we will develop all the tools we need to set up a...

17 févr. 2010

Projet personnel professionnel : le secteur du tourisme

Dissertation - 8 pages - Marketing tourisme

Le tourisme est l'activité qui vise à accueillir et à faire voyager des individus hors de leur résidence principale pour une durée de plus de vingt quatre heures et de moins de quatre mois. Les touristes sont de plus en plus nombreux sur toute la planète, on observe cependant une nette...

14 févr. 2010

The Club Med's strategies of growth

Dissertation - 3 pages - Marketing tourisme

The Club Méditerranée is a French firm of services created in April 1950, which markets travel and leisure products under the name Club Med. Its logo represents a trident, Poseidon's attribute, and the symbol of his seas. Domination: The group's activities are the largest in the area....

12 févr. 2010

Cahier des charges techniques d'un projet de village de vacances écologique

Dissertation - 5 pages - Marketing tourisme

Nous allons vous présenter le cahier technique de notre projet. Compte tenu de notre positionnement, il sera orienté vers le développement durable. Pour cela, nous avons recensé divers volets essentiels pour la réussite du concept. Sachant que la clientèle visée est de type CSP+, nous croyons en...