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20 Mars 2011

International marketing communications: How can Skoda use social media to its benefit?

Thèse - 7 pages - Marketing tourisme

It's important to introduce our project with an analysis of the main characteristics of the media we will use in our creative strategy for Skoda. A study conducted on the European Companies on the Fortune Global 100 list, shows relevant numbers in regard to using Facebook and Youtube in marketing...

14 Mars 2011

Market in the Eastern countries: SWOT analysis

Thèse - 54 pages - Marketing tourisme

The category of political risk premium is determined by the steering committee based on a technical analysis of risk. For this purpose, a quantitative model was developed by SA Ducroire, mainly taking into account the evolution of the liquidity of the debtor countries. It involves assessing the...

14 Mars 2011

Advertising & Communication - New Guitar brand/products

Thèse - 15 pages - Marketing tourisme

The brand has been created to answer a personal passion. The identity of the brand and the products come directly from a vision I have of musical experience and living. In this vision, guitars are linked to Rock n Roll and Blues, but also many spiritual concepts. Among these concepts, lies a deep...

24 févr. 2011

Integrated marketing communication strategy for Kellogg's Special K

Thèse - 11 pages - Marketing tourisme

This report aims to outline an integrated marketing communication strategy for Kellogg's Special K. We found that there is a gap in the market that we feel Special K should be taking advantage of, in order to secure its leading position in the market. Our identified opportunity is to access the...

14 févr. 2011

Advertising & Communication: Launch of a new Recycling center-'Happy Center, the Real One'

Thèse - 10 pages - Marketing tourisme

This document presents the development of a new service, a new recycling center called “Happy Center” based in California, a hotspot for environmental issues. This company, which specializes in the recycling of electronic equipment such as mobile phones and computers, ...

06 févr. 2011

Sample Marketing plan: 'You can Bike'

Thèse - 7 pages - Marketing tourisme

Our new product will offer to the disabled people the opportunity to make cycle tours with aninfrastructure prepared according to their needs.The mission statement is: ‘Everyone can do it'. This sentence has two meanings. The first one isthat even if you are disabled, you can participate in...

25 Janv. 2011

Sports sponsorship and its role in French corporate marketing strategy

Thèse - 60 pages - Marketing tourisme

The common objective of each corporation is to be profitable by developing the sales of its products and services. Implementing the right marketing strategy is crucial for companies to be differentiated from their competitors in a context of high global competition on the world markets, where the...

17 Janv. 2011

Royal Dutch Shell plc: A company that needs to face the future today

Thèse - 16 pages - Marketing tourisme

Petroleum is one of the fundamental substances necessary to make our economies function smoothly. It has shaped today's world as we know it - concerning both negative and positive elements. However, petroleum will not last forever. It is has been estimated that the global...

13 Janv. 2011

Quin'Os marketing communications mix

Thèse - 10 pages - Marketing tourisme

This delicious new age recipe is the perfect complement to our modern diets. Quin'Os is a cookie made of Quinoa flour which are rich in proteins and roasted Quinoa grains which impart crunchiness. The oil used is Canola oil, the good oil that makes a health difference compared to the...

05 Janv. 2011

What are challenges facing food retailers regarding e-commerce?

Thèse - 7 pages - Marketing tourisme

With 30% growth in 2009, and 171 billion euros anticipated in 2010 in Europe - while retail trades have registered a decrease of 3% - e-commerce has been a real success especially during the time of economic crisis. However, the report can be moderated because the...

03 Janv. 2011

Marks and Spencer: Strategic marketing

Thèse - 15 pages - Marketing tourisme

Marks and Spencer, a partnership formed in the late 1800s, is today one of the UK's leading retailers of clothing, food, home products and financial services. Employing 65,000 people, the company has 448 stores located throughout the UK, as well as a further 202 stores managed under franchise in...

03 Janv. 2011

Marketing management

Thèse - 4 pages - Marketing tourisme

Nowadays, brand experience has become more and more a concern for marketers. They have realised that consumers' experience of the brand has to be understood, as it will be really important for developing and implementing marketing strategies for products and services, and thus for trying to make...

02 Janv. 2011

Strategic marketing: 'Caroll Paris in China'

Thèse - 9 pages - Marketing tourisme

The clothing market is one of the most competitive markets. Nowadays, the production is concentrated in China because of low labor cost. We know that this country is hailing more foreign investments and is going to be a super economic power in a few years. This is the most populated country in...

09 Nov. 2010

Do brands suffering from the effects of aging can ever hope to find a second life?

Thèse - 64 pages - Marketing tourisme

Invisible, imperceptible, disquieting, time has now become a dominant concern in our societies. The fact is that the Human remains powerless to time. So the time has become both enemy and absolute covetousness; its control, a priceless Grail. Human is subject to time, he is forced to be subjected...