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20 Mars 2020

Purchasing in a multicultural world

Thèse - 38 pages - Stratégie

Since the 1980s, when geopolitical research workers refer to globalization, they often say, “Think globally, Act local.” More precisely, the term “glocal” was invented by the sociologist Roland Robertson. According to the latter and his associates, it means “the...

31 Oct. 2011

Strategic marketing plan: Case of Caroll

Thèse - 12 pages - Stratégie

Moving to China is always a big challenge. The growing economy of this vast country, which counts more than 1.3 billion of people, represents an “Eldorado” for western companies. A lot of potential customers and an emerging middle-class population makes this country very...

21 Oct. 2011

European integration process and its influence for business: Case of Danone

Thèse - 18 pages - Stratégie

Within the last decades, globalization has changed the face of the world with a shift from ‘nationalism and protectionism' to the idea of a ‘global village'. A new world economic order emerged and the regional and multinational trade agreements and free trade areas played a key role in...

16 Sept. 2011

How does Peugeot build a competitive edge against Chinese and foreign car industry

Thèse - 10 pages - Stratégie

In this report, we focus on the PSA Peugeot Citroen group. Firstly, we will analyze the company and its features and key data. PSA Peugeot Citroen group is a French car manufacturer, and is the result of a merger between Citroen and Peugeot Limited companies. Thanks to the framework of a coherent...

16 Sept. 2011

McDonald's in India: The 'beef fires' controversy

Thèse - 10 pages - Stratégie

McDonald's came into existence in 1954, when its founder Raymond Kroc saw a hamburger stand in San Bernardino in California and envisioned a nationwide fast food chain. Kroc revolutionized the American restaurant industry. McDonald's is today the world's largest fast food chain serving 47 million...

07 Sept. 2011

Ikea in Russia

Thèse - 7 pages - Stratégie

Entering Russian market has often been hard for foreign companies; Russia is well-known for being a tough country in business. Some of those companies may make it achieve a certain success, but success does not come easily. In the following report we will see how IKEA entered Russia and the...

29 juil. 2011

Why is it that some firms locate their investments close to their markets whilst others appear to have the luxury of a much greater choice of location?

Thèse - 5 pages - Stratégie

In a context of financial globalization and outsourcing, the choice of firms' location has become a complex issue. Indeed, some companies prefer to locate their investments close to their markets whereas others make the choice to establish themselves in the most appropriate country where ever it...

23 juin 2011

MAN Diesel and Turbo case

Thèse - 14 pages - Stratégie

Founded in 1758, the MAN Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, engines and mechanical engineering equipment. The head office is situated in Augsburg Germany. This German group is divided into two main strategic business areas: ...

23 juin 2011

Integrated product development for Dairy Products

Thèse - 69 pages - Stratégie

This report details the work of a consultant team who were recruited to advise a Danish milk producer on how to fulfil their strategy plan. The strategy plan entitled 'Milk, cream and yogurt' was created by DanMilk in order to increase their market share of yogurt products. They...

13 juin 2011

AMD Business Case

Thèse - 5 pages - Stratégie

A.M.D., Advanced Micro Devices, is an American company which has been competing in the microprocessor market since the early 70s. These years heralded a new era during which computers slowly gained such relevance that soon no company could develop, get organized, gain...

11 mai 2011

Analysis of the effects of "country of origin" on KIA

Thèse - 8 pages - Stratégie

The purpose of this paper is to test whether the country of origin of a brand can be used by the company KIA to gain a competitive advantage in certain international markets or not, considering the ever changing business scene that exists nowadays and the strong competition that every company has...

11 mai 2011

The marketing strategies of organic fast food

Thèse - 14 pages - Stratégie

This paper focuses on the recent changes encountered in the fast food industry. Fast food restaurants are slowly changing their marketing strategies in order to meet new consumer attitudes and behaviors. The recent environmental issues and obesity problems are worrying consumers and therefore,...

10 mai 2011

The forces that affect and influence an organization and its strategy

Thèse - 6 pages - Stratégie

Managing organizations is a difficult task as the world is becoming increasingly complex. The environment is constantly changing and organizations must have certain strategies for survival and to withstand threats. Firms are affected by different types of environments with several...

22 Mars 2011

Advertising and communication: Launching a new product - Women's magazine

Thèse - 10 pages - Stratégie

In this advertising and communication strategy based paper, we will deal with the launch of a new product - a women's magazine. In France, the press is a big market but there are some population segments which lack specialized magazines. One such segment covers women aged above...

15 Mars 2011

Supermarkets and the World Wide Web

Thèse - 4 pages - Stratégie

Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Morissons, Sainsbury's, Spar, Londis, Aldi, Lidl, etc ...with the upcoming Yule, supermarkets are working twice as hard to achieve their ends. As they proudly display the reassuring colors of Santa Claus on their websites, home pages are a festival of twinkling snowflake...

20 févr. 2011

Philip Morris International's global strategy: Comparative cases of French and Chinese market

Thèse - 22 pages - Stratégie

In 1954, the US Tobacco company Philip Morris started to develop its sales activities overseas by choosing an accessible market not so far from USA by creating an affiliate society in Australia. In 1955, PM Overseas was born and was established as an international division. Today, Philip Morris...

27 Janv. 2011

The Eyewear Industry- Analysis and Recommendations

Thèse - 15 pages - Stratégie

The eyewear industry began during the 18th century, in France (Pays de Morez, in Jura - North East) inspired from the invention of Roger Bacon of two convex lenses inserted in wooden rims joined together by a nail. In France, Jura is still the main geographic point of this...

25 Janv. 2011

Critical analysis of Toyota

Thèse - 30 pages - Stratégie

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese firm that was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. Now, it is a multinational corporation that is employing more than 300,000 employees worldwide and has become the leader as a car manufacturer in terms of sales. Toyota became very famous as it develops new...

16 Janv. 2011

Business plan for the French start-up 'Mixing corporation'

Thèse - 6 pages - Stratégie

'Mixing corporation' is a French start-up company. It was set up by DJ Paulette, a famous Parisian DJ. She plans to use her expertise in music along with her networks to create her own business. 'Mixing corporation' will be a private limited company. Its activities consist...

13 Janv. 2011

Starbucks's strategy analysis and key factors for its success

Thèse - 9 pages - Stratégie

Coffee has lived through centuries often with a counter-culture connotation. Brews were known to sustain artists, politicians, radicals and people that liked profound debates. Starbucks disrupted the scene by providing a more accessible site, a cozy and attractive place to appreciate coffee....

13 Janv. 2011

SWOT analysis of a company that specializes in airbag systems

Thèse - 9 pages - Stratégie

The Strategic process is currently taking place, so the result and income can only be supposed. The company is a small family business called Helite that started 8 years ago and specializes in Airbag systems for individual protection. The activity mainly deals with horseback riding and motorcycle...

11 Janv. 2011

Organization development, strategy and change: Sanofi-Aventis

Thèse - 10 pages - Stratégie

Sanofi-Aventis was created in August 2004, following the French company Sanofi-Synthélabo's acquisition of Aventis. The new pharmaceutical group,Sanofi-Aventis, is specialized in seven therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, thrombosis, metabolic disorders, oncology, central nervous...

04 Janv. 2011

Advertising and communication: Advertising campaign for a new allergy medicine

Thèse - 10 pages - Stratégie

I have just been hired to take over as the marketing director of a major international pharmaceutical company, Merck & Co. We are a global research driven pharmaceutical company. The company was established in 1891 and we are based in New Jersey. We are currently one of the seven largest...

03 Janv. 2011

Global wine wars: New Challenges

Thèse - 5 pages - Stratégie

During the last few decades, the global wine industry has grown by leaps and bounds to emerge as a $90 billion market. Scientific discoveries such as pasteurization and the cork-stopper invention have revolutionized the production of wine by easing restrictions on transport of wine, thus enabling...

03 Janv. 2011

Dubai-Land: Christian Perdier's strategy

Thèse - 5 pages - Stratégie

When we think about Dubai, we think about desert, oil and wealth. Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf coast and is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai's government is constitutional monarchy and the current ruler is Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum from the...

23 déc. 2010

Strategic analysis of Saint-Gobain PAM

Thèse - 11 pages - Stratégie

Nowadays, Human Resources Management is very important in a firm and it is an important key to succeed and achieve the company's goals. For international companies, human resources are vital and they have to pay attention to the mode of of recruitment, the consideration of different cultures and...

22 déc. 2010

Coca-Cola and Pepsico : Market, Finance and strategy analysis for BRIC countries

Thèse - 40 pages - Stratégie

Since 2006, the soft drinks market has been "flourishing” thanks to two factors: rising disposable incomes and well-being. Consumer lifestyles are undergoing a major change due to a growing awareness of the link between diet and health. On the other side, enhanced living standards,...

21 déc. 2010

The company Caroll

Thèse - 8 pages - Stratégie

In this paper, we will discuss the international presence of the French company Caroll. This company is present in the supplying market and has to develop itself in the international market and more precisely in the emerging countries such as China. Firstly,we will analyze the...

14 déc. 2010

Burger King

Thèse - 7 pages - Stratégie

Burger King is a global chain of fast food restaurants serving hamburgers, with a turnover which amounted to $102.5 billion in 2009 when they sold 524 million units. It owns 12,000 franchisees in 74 countries around the world. Two out of three restaurants are established in the U.S. It has set up...

10 déc. 2010

International Marketing: PepsiCo

Thèse - 2 pages - Stratégie

Since World War II, the world has notably changed regarding the exchange of goods, people and capital across the world. This is called globalization. In order to be able to compete in a global scale, firms have developed different ways of entering international markets. What are the main...

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