Auchan and the Mulliez family

Auchan and the Mulliez family

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Une étude en anglais de la façon dont la famille Mulliez et notamment Gérard Mulliez gère leur empire de marque autour de l'entreprise française Auchan. Cet essai comprends une description de l'entreprise Auchan avec un historique de celle-ci, de la famille Mulliez grâce à un organigramme, de la personnalité de Gérard Mulliez et de toutes les branches du groupe.


Introduction II. The Auchan success story III. The family IV. Gérard Mulliez V. A criticized yet successful management. VI. Stuck in the family? VII. The dimension of governance VIII. Conclusion IX. Appendices X. Sources

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[...] Governance is linked to the leader's personality. And as described before, Gérard Mulliez is a charismatic, objective and discrete man who is managing the group Auchan by involving everybody and by following behaviors rules. This way of governance will show an example to the other members of the family, employees and partners and then they will follow this behavior patterns. This will maintain the durability of the company. VIII. Conclusion Gérard Mulliez was a very successful and talented manager and president of the Auchan group, one of the first international retail company. [...]

[...] It is a pact of shareholders, all from the Mulliez family which can be considered as a holding company. This association was created in 1955 by Louis Mulliez the grand father of Gérard Mulliez in order to maintain his patrimony untouched and to share in a equal manner this patrimony between the 11 heirs. Now the association evolved and now strive for the financing of the group. The 550 members meet once a year in order to talk about the company's enhancement and the potential investments. [...]

[...] Auchan currently posses various brands due to the spirit of entrepreneurship present in the Mulliez family. As the majority of the family members are involved in the group they created most of the Auchan subsidiaries. All these subsidiaries were created by members of the Mulliez family and supported by the group. The founders are in charge of the businesses and the majority of them are important actors of their industries in France and met a great success. (see appendix III. [...]

[...] Indeed, his father Gérard Mulliez was the creator of the company Phildar specialized in clothing goods, so as his uncle Louis Mulliez who created Les Fils de Louis Mulliez, which provided threads. He is a complex man who posses life values. He believes in the implication of his family and his employees. He has for value fighting for the purchasing power of French inhabitants. He created Auchan as a knowledge based company. Indeed, the employees are trained through various internship, they posses a certain freedom concerning their working hours and they are better paid than the average salary in France and on a basis of 15,5 months of work. [...]

[...] First of all, they can do so on their own and stay independent from the Mulliez Familly Association. Philippe Van Der Wees did so when he launched his company Cultura so as Eric Derville with Norauto and Stéphane Mulliez with Picwic but they quickly aligned with the group Auchan because of fund requirement and of the group power. But Thibault Bayart husband of one of the 6th generation female member) decided to launched Vendido- a C to C start up company which is selling supermarkets companies unsold goods through, on his own. [...]

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