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19 juin 2012

Etude des indicateurs et conséquences sanitaires de la pollution des cours d'eau dans la ville de Yaoundé au Cameroun

Thèse de 60 pages - Écologie et environnement

La gestion des ressources en eau reste d'actualité dans toute société et notamment dans les villes où la qualité de l'eau, en particulier de nos jours, est de plus en plus décroissante et les causes mal connues. C'est dans ce contexte que s'inscrit notre sujet de recherche : « Etude des...

15 Nov. 2011

Should ecological security replace sustainable development as the organising principle of global environmental governance?

Thèse de 12 pages - Écologie et environnement

In Our Common Future, the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED 1990, 87, 105), both phrases of sustainable development and environmental security marked their entry into the international debates and were highlighted as important notions of the future global...

16 août 2011

A brief introduction to the Chinese Environmental Law

Thèse de 4 pages - Écologie et environnement

Before embarking on survey of Chinese views on environmental law and policy, we will present background material on the development of environmental law and policy in China and shortcomings and key problem areas in China's environmental administration. This article will treat, in brief, the...

27 juin 2011

Energy in Europe

Thèse de 5 pages - Écologie et environnement

The European model of development after the Second World War was based on the use of cheap energy, with little environmental consideration. This model resulted in considerable economic development, that of the "Thirty Glorious Years". In 1973 and 1979, two oil shocks dented this previously...

20 avril 2011

Cars and the environment in Britain

Thèse de 1 pages - Écologie et environnement

Human beings always search for technical progress, the industrial revolution is a good example of this assertion but it is sometimes to the detriment of the nature. The invention of the car was decisive, thanks to it, time and space can be reduced but it has also some disastrous effects on the...

13 févr. 2011

Deforestation in Indonesia: Is Sustainable Palm Oil Possible?

Thèse de 12 pages - Écologie et environnement

Indonesia is an archipelago in Southeast Asia; its geography is defined by over 17,000 islands, the surface area is about 1,920,000 square kilometers, and its capital is Jakarta. Indonesia has an estimated population of 230 million people and a GDP worth $ 540,274 million . The secular and...

03 Janv. 2011

The future of the energy supply: How will we meet the global demand?

Thèse de 15 pages - Écologie et environnement

In this report, both the actual energy demand and future energy demand will be analyzed. World population is actually estimated at six billion people, but in 2025 it could be almost 7.3 billion to reach 9.4 billion in 2050. Maybe, as the population trend shows, energy supply would not satisfy...

13 déc. 2010

Birth Control Pill: Research and Development

Thèse de 7 pages - Écologie et environnement

Technology innovations are not neutral; instead they embody the values of their inventors. Those who hold power exercise their influence over technological preference and contraceptive technology is no exception. Active members of the Birth control movement in the West began to press for the...

10 déc. 2010

The European support to sustainable development and adaptation to climate change

Thèse de 11 pages - Écologie et environnement

“The Union shall work for the sustainable development of Europe based on balanced economic growth and price stability, a highly competitive social market economy, aiming at full employment and social progress, and a high level of protection and improvement of the quality of the...

10 déc. 2010


Thèse de 1 pages - Écologie et environnement

Are we ready to join the buy nothing day activists? We must say that our overconsumption is causing lots of damages nowadays. Buy nothing day is an international day of protest against consumerism observed by social activists. Buy nothing day activists want to highlight the environmental and...

09 déc. 2010

Energy efficiency: The UK potential for wind power

Thèse de 16 pages - Écologie et environnement

In the present economical and ecological context, finding new, cheaper and less polluting power sources is a major issue. No miracle solution can replace fossil energies and nuclear power. However, some sources of energy could be interesting alternatives. Among these, wind power appears to be...

26 Nov. 2010

Efforts to reduce its carbon footprints on society - Case Air France-KLM

Thèse de 3 pages - Écologie et environnement

In order to meet the current needs of the consumer society, companies need to be very productive. This ever-increasing productivity is the cause of multiple discharges of pollutants. The discharge could change accosting to the sector: transport discharges 27% of waste as gas, industry 21% and...

26 Nov. 2010

Understanding the French 2003 Heat Wave Experience

Thèse de 3 pages - Écologie et environnement

France does not commonly have very hot summers, particularly in the northern areas, but seven days with temperatures of more than 40 C were recorded in Paris between July and August 2003. Because of the usually relatively mild summers, most people did not know how to react to very high... utilise des cookies sur son site. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ou en cliquant sur OK, vous en acceptez l'utilisation. Politique de Condifentialité