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29 juin 2010

Mattel faces its social and environmental responsabilities

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Marketing international

Today's business organizations constantly face internal and external pressures in addressing their social and environmental responsibilities. Since the 1960s, the society has expressed growing expectations for more responsible management of companies through the incentive of the social...

28 juin 2010

Malongo's coffees

Étude de cas - 12 pages - Marketing international

Back in 1934, Malongo coffees came into being in a small roasting shop in the heart of Nice. After the Second World War, the brand was launched on the radio.In 1980, the first cafés were opened in Cannes and Nice. In 1992, Jean-Pierre Blanc, the general manager of Malongo met Father Van...

26 juin 2010

La négociation interculturelle

Dissertation - 12 pages - Marketing international

Selon Prime, la négociation commerciale internationale est une situation particulière de la négociation qui porte sur le champ des activités commerciales des entreprises en contexte multiculturel. Elle est multifonctionnelle en ce sens qu'elle doit mobiliser un ensemble de compétences variées...

25 juin 2010

Internationalisation of a Brazilian leather goods firm

Étude de marché - 17 pages - Marketing international

We are a company specializing in leather goods production such as handbags, wallets and belts. Our headquarters is located in Brazil but we would like to go international by introducing our brand in Europe. At this time, our company manufactures its products in Brazil. Workforce on site is...

25 juin 2010

Implementation of the Desperados beer on the Spanish market

Étude de cas - 17 pages - Marketing international

Desperados is a famous brand in countries such as France and Germany; the brand is now trying to grow internationally by entering the Spanish market. The beer Spanish market is a very favorable market for a product like the Desperados beer. The total beer market represents 19 billion Euros in...

24 juin 2010

Internationalization of a brand - the case of Nespresso

Étude de cas - 34 pages - Marketing international

First, to introduce this company one should notice that it is one of the most successful global brand that has been recently launched. Despite being physically present in only 35 countries, Nespresso is worldwide famous. Thanks to its consistent premium positioning and a long-term innovative...

24 juin 2010

Le marketing du patrimoine

Dissertation - 7 pages - Marketing international

Les raisons de l'introduction du marketing dans les institutions culturelles sont le résultat d'une volonté de démocratisation de l'accès à la culture, de l'augmentation des besoins en matière de financement, du développement de la concurrence à la fois intrasectorielle et extrasectorielle avec...

21 juin 2010

Ethics and cosmetic brands - a strategy of brand management despite a corporate culture (2009-2010)

Mémoire - 52 pages - Marketing international

Classically, cosmetics products are made from a mix of synthetic and chemistry components, next very often tested on animals before selling on the market; but cosmetics industrials were decried by consumers when some public scandals have burnt, concerning the torture of animals in the testing...

18 juin 2010

Le marketing international : culture, segmentation internationale, etc.

Cours - 41 pages - Marketing international

- Démarche incontournable à l'heure actuelle des entreprises. Globalisation des marchés, les entreprises sortent de leur marché local, cela est nécessaire pour leur développement et croissance. De plus en plus un relais de croissance non négligeable.

15 juin 2010

Made in Italy

Dissertation - 5 pages - Marketing international

L'Italia è un Paese relativamente giovane, poco più di un secolo, e fino agli anni 60 del secolo scorso, le condizioni di vita, l'organizzazione del mondo del lavoro, l'efficienza della produzione italiana non sono minimamente paragonabili a quelli del dopo “boom”. L'Italia che riesce a...

13 juin 2010

Li and Fung: Case study

Étude de cas - 5 pages - Marketing international

The Chinese company Li & Fung was created in the Guangzhou area in 1906. This is a family company founded by Fung Pak Liu, the grandfather of the actual director Victor Li. The first goal of Li & Fung when it had just been created was to act as a ‘broker': Fung, who was an...

04 juin 2010

Coca Cola and the notion of brand equity

Étude de cas - 2 pages - Marketing international

Coca Cola Company is the brand the most famous in the planet, recognized by more than 94% of the world's population. It's also one of the most important manufacturer, marketer and distributor of beverage products, including soft-drink, orange juice, water, sports drinks, tea and energy drinks....

03 juin 2010

Fast Food Industry

Dissertation - 2 pages - Marketing international

Fast food restaurants represent one of the largest segments of the food industry with more than 500,000 restaurants implanted all over the world and their number does not stop growing, particularly in industrialized countries. Fast foods are characterized with a short time of preparation and...

31 mai 2010

Direct and Digital Marketing: Loyalty Schemes

Dissertation - 4 pages - Marketing international

Marketing is a central idea in the world of business since the customer is made aware of the products and services a business offers. This is very important since information and the way that particular information is relayed to the customers gives them the chance to buy or not hence confirming...

29 mai 2010

"Le marketing international", Eliane Karsaklian (2006)

Fiche de lecture - 4 pages - Marketing international

The book "Le Marketing International” was written by Eliane Karsaklian and published in December 2006. The goal of the author, while writing this book, was to highlight the main purpose of international marketing in creating efficient international marketing strategies. E. Karsaklian...

22 mai 2010

Presentation of the IKEA international group

Analyse financière - 34 pages - Marketing international

IKEA belongs to the Stichting Ingka foundation, which is based in the Netherlands. The management of the group belongs to Leiden in the Netherlands and the other offices to Helsingborg in Sweden. INGKA Holding BV is the parent company for all IKEA companies, including the industrial group...

04 mai 2010

Strategic Marketing Analysis of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Thomson Reuters, Rolls-Royce and Skandia

Étude de cas - 3 pages - Marketing international

Coca-Cola is the first company in the world selling sparkling beverages. The company is at the head of more than 500 sparkling drinks brands in more than 200 countries worldwide. The diversity of regions and culture (including buying behavior, occasions, religion, beliefs etc) are parts of the...

22 avril 2010

International marketing adaptation versus globalization

Fiche - 2 pages - Marketing international

Company uses globalization/standardization when its products are produced for many markets in the same way. A company uses adaptation when it produces special or modified products for different markets. Standardization implies that the company uses the same brand name for the markets it...

22 avril 2010

Business Plan on Exporting LYDC (English Handbags) to Brazil

Business plan - 7 pages - Marketing international

Brazil is one of the most promising emerging countries such as India and China. With an 8,547 400 km² surface and a population of 191,043,661 inhabitants, Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world regarding surface and population. Also, Brazil is the 10th global economic power. However, it...

13 avril 2010

McDonald's - International Development Strategy

Étude de cas - 19 pages - Marketing international

Created more than 50 years ago, McDonald's is the first fast food chain in France today. The first restaurant, established in 1937, was only a simple 'drive-in movie theater' managed by the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in the Illinois in the United States. The empire...

01 avril 2010

The international advertising - advertising "global" or advertising "local"?

Mémoire - 31 pages - Marketing international

Consumption is at the core of the capitalistic world. In order to take people into buying your specific product, companies bet on advertising. The bottom line is: how can one marketing campaign convince every single person around the world? Should the campaign be global or local? In order...

26 Mars 2010

Coca Cola - presentation of the company and its strategy

Étude de cas - 12 pages - Marketing international

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest manufacturers, distributors and marketers of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups in the world. The Coca-Cola product was invented in May 1886 by pharmacist John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. The brands of the Coca-Cola Company...

25 Mars 2010

Management des ventes et du personnel - exemple de l'entreprise "World of Organics", spécialisée dans la distribution de produits organiques

Étude de cas - 7 pages - Marketing international

Our company, "A World of Organics” is a distributor of organic products. It produces its food and drink in Eastern Europe and sells them to retailers in Europe. Although not currently selling products in the United Kingdom; we seek to establish ourselves on the UK market. Knowing that we...

10 Mars 2010

The Evolution of Public Relations In South Korea

Étude de cas - 7 pages - Marketing international

The term 'Hong Bo' is used in South Korea as a substitute for the term 'public relations' and it can be described as a disseminating information in a wide coverage using mass media. 'Hong Bo' refers to publicity activities. The publicity dominates the public relations...

09 Mars 2010

Michelin in the land of the maharajahs: case study

Étude de cas - 4 pages - Marketing international

When segmenting the (Indian tyre) market three things need to be considered; products, technologies and clients. Products in the Indian tyre market are commercial tyres, car tyres, two wheeler tyres, three wheeler tyres, agricultural tyres, off the road tyres and LCV tyres. To limit the...

05 Mars 2010

Simulación de la exportación de las galletas típicas belgas, los speculoos, en China

Étude de cas - 10 pages - Marketing international

En este trabajo, vamos a explicar las diferentes etapas que seguimos para poder exportar nuestro producto en China. Nuestro producto es una galleta belga, el speculoos. Elegimos de analizar el mercado chino por varias razones. Podemos empezar con el hecho de que se puede encontrar el speculoos en...

27 févr. 2010

The US airlines industry in 2002

Étude de cas - 7 pages - Marketing international

Michael Porter's famous five forces of competitive position model provide a simple perspective for assessing and analyzing the competitive strength and position of a corporation or industrial organization. Let us consider these concepts of industry analysis in the context of the US airlines...

22 févr. 2010

IKEA in China

Étude de cas - 14 pages - Marketing international

Managing across cultures is a priority for companies that pursue an internationalization strategy. The case of the Swedish furniture company IKEA illustrates the complexity of this process. The Swedish company IKEA, which pioneered flat-pack design furniture at affordable prices,is the...

22 févr. 2010

Le marketing international du luxe et de la cosmétique

Cours - 74 pages - Marketing international

Le paradoxe de la demande Avant le luxe était la consommation ordinaire de gens exceptionnels. Aujourd'hui c'est la consommation exceptionnelle de gens ordinaires. La fidélité n'est donc pas obligatoire, comme par le passé, c'est donc cheval de bataille de toutes les...

10 févr. 2010

Burger King in South-Africa

Étude de cas - 14 pages - Marketing international

Burger King was established in 1954 in Miami, Florida, by James McLamore and David Edgerton. They were among the pioneers of fast food. The Whopper , launched in 1957, was an instant success, and is today the emblem of the brand. Burger King quickly distinguished itself by its unique taste...