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Thèses en histoire médiévale : Moyen-âge

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13 Sept. 2011

Science and Universities at the XI-XIVth centuries

Thèse - 5 pages - Histoire médiévale : Moyen-âge

Science is opposite to dogma. Dogma is imposed a truth whereas Science is trying to understand phenomenon, and is open to criticism and correction. Scientific results are always comparing to the reality. This definition can be applied today but also back in the XII century. Science in the history...

11 Janv. 2011

Introduction to Irish History: The Great Famine and the Irish Diaspora

Thèse - 3 pages - Histoire médiévale : Moyen-âge

A very simple question could be raised through this established fact: today, Ireland has a population of approximately 4 million while the the number of Irish Americans figure between 20 million and 40 million according to different sources. We all know that at the very beginning of the...