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12 déc. 2014

Les maisons modulaires au Maroc

Étude de marché - 9 pages - Finance

Notre projet repose sur l'étude et la création de maisons modulables adaptées au Maroc. Nous voulons que nos constructions soient rapides d'exécution, économiques, écologiques. Elles doivent s'adapter aux conditions climatiques des différentes régions du Maroc. Elles doivent utiliser...

26 avril 2010

Invest consultancy report

Étude de marché - 4 pages - Finance

In a few years, soft drinks became the symbol of our modern, globalized and standardized foodstuffs. These generally fizzy and very sweet drinks are made water-based, charged with carbonic acid, with fruit syrup or plant extracts. Regarding the soft drinks market, it is dominated by three huge...

30 Mars 2010

A report on the market "Sukuk"

Étude de marché - 9 pages - Finance

Global capital markets have long been functioning without Islamic components. Only recently have they been subject to the emergence of a new dimension: the sukuk (Islamic Bond) market. The sukuk market has experienced a spectacular growth since 2001 in the Middle East, supported by ultra-high...

16 Oct. 2009

Breakeven analysis of a retail music store

Étude de marché - 6 pages - Finance

Old friends Jane and Elizabeth have decided to open up a retail music store. They will open up a store in a large shopping mall, purchase CDs from the large music distributors, and resell them to the public. Their first decision is to determine if they can profit from this venture, so they must...

30 juin 2008

Empirical evidence on Seasonalities - Inspecting the market anomalies

Étude de marché - 12 pages - Finance

Anomalies, such as calendar effects, could be defined as phenomena where systematic returns patterns are observed. Partisans to informational market efficiency suggest that calendar effects are prone to disappear, as investors in the market could implement strategies in order to take advantage of...

03 Janv. 2008

International Finance: investment in Australia (Managing Foreign exchange risk)

Étude de marché - 10 pages - Finance

Next PLC is considering to start a series of outlets in Australia. It is estimated that each outlet will cost approximately Aus$ 15m and they would establish 70 outlets over a period of two years. The cost of setting up each outlet includes fixtures and fittings worth Aus$ 4m, which is eligible...