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21 mai 2007

France Telecom - Company analysis

Étude de cas - 13 pages - Finance

France Telecom is a communications access provider offering customers access through multiple platforms: France Telecom has its presence in four business sectors. It is the first telecommunication service provider in France. (under the brand France Telecom). It is also the first mobile service...

13 avril 2007

Managerial accounting: Decathlon

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Finance

Since 1976, Decathlon has been the largest trade name in the distribution of sport articles in France and today is one of largest in Europe. Decathlon also kept in-house control of its logistic and data-processing activities. Michel Leclercq started this company in the year 1976. In 1986,...

12 Mars 2007

Enron: the story of a symbolic financial scandal

Étude de cas - 12 pages - Finance

The death of Kenneth Lay last spring and the recent 24-year sentence of Jeffrey Skilling have put an end to the darkest story of modern finance: the Enron case. Actually, this firm turned from a success model into a paradigm of all the problems of finance capitalism. With the giving up of the...

14 Nov. 2006

The tend offer on Marionnaud

Étude de cas - 5 pages - Finance

Bernard Marionnaud is a family company. It is the history of Marcel Frydman (73 years old) who decided 20 years ago to buy a perfume shop for his wife with only 100 000 Francs. But he realised after a while that he was very interested in this shop and desired to buy some others to make more...

15 févr. 2003

Study of the Eurotunnel Group combined accounts. For the year ended December 31st, 2001

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Finance

The Combined Accounts consist of the combination of the accounts of the EPLC Group and of ESA and its subsidiaries as set out in the table below.( Eurotunnel PLC, Eurotunnel SA and their subsidiaries collectively make up the Eurotunnel Group ) These Combined Accounts have been prepared on...

08 Nov. 2002

The Enron Affair

Étude de cas - 6 pages - Finance

In just 15 years, Enron grew to become the 7th largest US Company, employing 21,000 people in more than 40 countries across the US, UK, Asia. Enron had transformed itself from a local natural gas company into a swashbuckling energy trader. Enron established new methods of trading in energy, using...

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