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07 Oct. 2009

Air Liquide - Corporate Finance Project

Étude de cas - 18 pages - Finance

The Air Liquide Group, was incorporated as early as 1902, and is to-day the worldwide leader for gas products servicing industries, and medicine. Operating in 72 countries with more than 40 000 people it has achieved sales of 11801 Million in 2007, with a net income of 1123 Million. The breakdown...

30 Sept. 2009

Study of the costs of sterilisation service with the ABC method

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Finance

This study aims to estimate the costs involved in various sterilized conditionings provided by the clinic, and to compare these costs with prices proposed by external persons. It also longs to calculate the total cost of the service and to compare it with the offer of an external person ?...

20 Sept. 2009

Playboy Enterprises Inc.

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Finance

Owing to the development of the internet, the publishing sector is witnessing a series of threats. Indeed, a new media appeared and became extremely popular since 2000 and the publishing industry had some difficulties facing this mutation. Playboy, that was originally a magazine created 50 years...

19 août 2009

Microsoft's Failed Attempt to Acquire Yahoo

Étude de cas - 4 pages - Finance

When Microsoft made its public bid on February 1st 2008, it surprised many investors. Even if Microsoft's interest in Yahoo had been rumored for a while, Yahoo was actually facing hard times. With the value of Yahoo's stock declining over the last few months, restructuration and lay-offs were...

13 août 2009

Financial Management : EADS

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Finance

The European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company or the EADS was created by the combined will of several states to be competitive in the space and aeronautics sector. Yet, at the beginning of the 1990s, many concentrations were developed on the American market like Northrop and Grumman which...

11 août 2009

Mergers and Acquisitions

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Finance

The acquisition of a company involves several significant steps that one must assess in order not to fail and lose money in the process. This is the case of David Kuchen, a 30 year-old graduate from a top MBA school, who is looking for a business to acquire or some other related opportunity. He...

20 mai 2009

EADS : a cross cultural merger

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Finance

Since the early 1980s, mergers and acquisitions have been developing in Europe and worldwide. After the dramatic increase in the number of mergers and acquisitions in the second half of the 1980s, the 1990s leaves its mark by rapid cross-border connections and increased significant value of...

27 Mars 2009

Northern Rock Bank: an english exemple of the sub-prime mortgage crisis

Étude de cas - 4 pages - Finance

One of UK's largest mortgage lenders is The Northern Rock. Northern Rock has become the highest profile (UK based) victim of the fallout from the global credit crunch. The reference to the credit crunch is the one which stemmed from the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US. The Bank of England...

09 Mars 2009

Mergers and acquisitions: examples of GDF/Suez, Air France/KLM y Thomson/Reuters

Étude de cas - 5 pages - Finance

?GDF/SUEZ' is the famous French energy provider group which specialized in the transportation and distribution of natural gas. Since the invention of the European energy market, GDF has diversified itself on the electricity market area by developing and creating offers to provide and supply...

18 févr. 2009

Case study: Southwest Airlines and United Airlines

Étude de cas - 13 pages - Finance

In 1998, the US airlines carried a record 551 million passengers . At that time, the whole industry was in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, many things have changed since then. The 2001 terrorist attack on the twin towers has marked a turnaround in the industry and especially in the...

10 févr. 2009

Evaluation of the security transaction, the consistency of the portfolio construction and management with client's profile

Étude de cas - 8 pages - Finance

This year, Pro Fund is very proud to have a new client, Mr Lucent who is 47 years old. He sold his firm during the summer and received 1,000,000€ for it. He doesn't really need this money but he wanted to have a new challenge in another sector. He wants to keep the money for the...

03 déc. 2008

Financial management: Bic

Étude de cas - 20 pages - Finance

The year was very important for BIC Group, with an increase in the challenges of the global economic, from raw material price increases to currency fluctuations. BIC is actually gaining market share in highly competitive categories. And also, it launched the first disposable phone in France. That...

09 Nov. 2008

Is the CAPM a valid model for small investors?

Étude de cas - 31 pages - Finance

The CAPM is one of the most famous theories of finance. It was developed by William Sharpe in 1964 with the help of others known researchers. This theory is based on the relationship between risk and return and permits us to calculate an expected return of an investment with few variables....

27 Sept. 2008

Modelling the interest rate risk management with portfolio selection: the case of Crédit Foncier de Monaco

Étude de cas - 40 pages - Finance

Since the primary activity of banking is the intermediation between borrowers and lenders, its core business is the transformation of collected deposits into distributed loans. This process generates a net interest margin in the profit and loss statement but engenders financial risks in the...

07 août 2008

The value of the Chinese Renminbi (RMB), its management and risks associated with investing in China

Étude de cas - 6 pages - Finance

Ever since China adopted its Open Door policy, it has received unparalleled attention from international scholars. In recent years, this has been evident with respect to the exchange rate regime that China has applied. At first, the policy was lauded because it helped China steer the dire waters...

04 août 2008

The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh

Étude de cas - 11 pages - Finance

“Where businesses cannot develop, countries cannot flourish. Let us use this International Year of Microcredit to put millions of families on the path to prosperity. I extend my gratitude to the nation and people of Bangladesh for helping to show us the way.” the former UN...

13 juin 2008

Michelin : financial case study

Étude de cas - 14 pages - Finance

The world tire market was equal to 80 billion dollars in 2005. That is to say that each year more than 1 billion tires are sold for cars and light trucks. 75% of the sales are for European, North American and Asian countries. Michelin is the leader of this market in those areas because it deals...

12 juin 2008

Managerial finance, Tesco

Étude de cas - 25 pages - Finance

Tesco Plc. is the biggest retailer by sales in U.K (T.N. Sofres, 2012). Its market share has grown since 2010, 30.6 to 2012, 31.5, through 2011, 30.9 (Tesco, 2012). The company recorded revenues of £64,539 million during the financial year ended February 2012, an increase of 13.1 from...

03 juin 2008

When a famous bank ( Société Générale ) is plunged into the world's largest financial fraud ever known by a simple junior trader

Étude de cas - 16 pages - Finance

In January 2008, the financial world was disrupted by the world's largest financial fraud case known to date. The famous French bank, Société Générale, recorded a loss of 5 billion euros due to false positions taken by a junior trader, Jérôme Kerviel. To fully appreciate how he did this, it's...

22 avril 2008

Accounting and finance report: the case of a pharmaceutical business

Étude de cas - 26 pages - Finance

Easter Gate Scientific Supplies Inc. is a major global supplier of instruments equipment and services to the scientific community with a 17.5% market share of the global market, making it the largest business in the industry. E.G is pursuing a strategic growth, seeking to increase its market...

22 févr. 2008

The workings of mergers and acquisitions

Étude de cas - 7 pages - Finance

The fever of mergers and acquisitions reigns over the big, world companies (American, European etc.). Billions of dollars are exchanged every day from hand to hand. Oil, Hi-tech, pharmacy, banks, insurance, aeronautics, everywhere companies are merging. To be efficient a merger must bring some...

22 févr. 2008

Gus Van Sant vs. Johnny Depp

Étude de cas - 10 pages - Finance

I am the new Chief financial officer of a US film studio and i have to make recommendations on four projects in order to produce a profitable movie. Firstly, i am going to calculate Net Present Value for each scenario because i have to make a selection. Indeed, i must determine the negative and...

03 févr. 2008

Reporting analysis: Daimler-Chrysler (1998-2006)

Étude de cas - 32 pages - Finance

We assume for the analysis of the group that the impact of IFRS in year 2004 is insignificant given that IFRS and US GAAP are closed. Moreover a complete analysis was impossible given that we didn't have all the figures before 2004. From 1998 to 2006 we can see that inventories increased from...

21 Janv. 2008

LEGO Group vs. MATTEL Inc.

Étude de cas - 19 pages - Finance

The gross profit margin ratio measures the profitability (or gross profit margin) that is generated from each dollar of sales. Profit margin is very useful when comparing companies in similar industries. A higher profit margin indicates a more profitable company that has better control over its...

31 déc. 2007

The ethical problems linked to hostile acquisitions ? Example of Mittal/Arcelor

Étude de cas - 17 pages - Finance

Since 2004, I have been particularly interested in finance and more precisely in the 'stock market world'. This is why I wanted a topic related to finance. My topic can be summarized in this sentence, 'The ethical problems linked to hostile acquisitions'. Instead of acquisitions,...

31 déc. 2007

Financial Advertising

Étude de cas - 18 pages - Finance

Financial advertising generally refers to two different topics. Indeed, on one hand, it concerns the financial information published by big companies specialized in different branch industries,and, on the other hand, the advertising made by specific financial businesses such as banks, or...

29 déc. 2007

Strategies of expansion at the time of deceleration: The case of LVMH

Étude de cas - 11 pages - Finance

The year 2004 represented one of the best year that the world economy has experienced since the beginning of the millennium. Indeed the growth of the Gross World Product (GWP) has increased by 4 per cent in 2004 compared to only 2.8 per cent in 2003. However this high rate of growth in 2004 can...

12 déc. 2007

The Kent-Smirnoff Project

Étude de cas - 11 pages - Finance

In his big building of Metropolis, Clark KENT is working on the last reports of his latest foreign investments, when he receives a call from Igor Smirnoff, an old friend from HEC Paris. Igor owns a foodstuff distribution network in Russia, and offers Clark to enter into a new business. He is...

06 déc. 2007

Virgin Mobil's proposed takeover by NTL

Étude de cas - 10 pages - Finance

NTL proposed a £871 m takeover of Virgin mobile but was rejected, then a second proposition was made at £961 m. On the 3rd of April they announced a total of $1.66 billion for Virgin Mobile. The negotiation will be ready to receive both cash and NTL shares in a deal. Virgin Mobile will have a...

14 Sept. 2007

The case of H&M and inditex

Étude de cas - 5 pages - Finance

The International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) dates back its formation to 1973. It was however restructured in 2001 when the name was changed to ?The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)'. The IASB is an independent private sector body. The prime objective of the IASB is...

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