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21 août 2013

Vers la désintégration ou la démocratisation du monde arabe

Thèse - 75 pages - Relations internationales

Nous avions mis en lumière, dans une précédente publication, l'émergence d'une crise aux conséquences catastrophiques au sein de la région arabe. Ses prolongements actuels résultent-ils bien du maintien par les régimes arabes actuels d'un système de production féodal hérité du passé ? En...

14 Nov. 2011

Should European Union develop its own deterrent?

Thèse - 7 pages - Relations internationales

During the Cold War, deterrence was at the core of international foreign policy having a bilateral symmetry. With the end of the Cold War the realm of nuclear issues has undergone a substantial change and with emerging security challenges and an asymmetry of international actors. Even if...

17 Oct. 2011

NATO and the EU: Promoting Europe's energy security

Thèse - 5 pages - Relations internationales

Energy security has been defined “as guaranteeing the physical availability of energy products at objective and reasonable and/or affordable prices over the short and long term”. According to the European Commission energy security is mainly about economy: “Energy supply security...

17 Oct. 2011

The impact of the EU common energy policy on the Commonwealth of Independent States

Thèse - 4 pages - Relations internationales

Laidi has qualified the EU as being a normative empire considering that the EU normative production goes beyond its borders. The concept of a normative empire questioned the impact of an EU normative power - considered to be “a power which is able to shape the conceptions through...

10 Oct. 2011

U.S. Foreign Policy since 1980: President George W. Bush

Thèse - 8 pages - Relations internationales

George W. Bush became president of the United States on 7 November 2000. He was the leader of the Republican Party which is a right-wing party based on traditionalism and deregulated free trade and corporations. George W. Bush accession to power was widely criticized during the United States...

02 Sept. 2011

Sarkozy the 'peacemaker'? - Was August 2008 a French diplomatic resolution of the Georgian crisis?

Thèse - 5 pages - Relations internationales

Two distinctive strands characterize the extensive amount of literature commenting the diplomatic resolution of the Georgian crisis. While some attribute it to the French President Sarkozy's panache, and “diplomatic fleetness”, others, refusing to grant one man all the glory, rather...

12 août 2011

Nationality and principles of international law in Chinese practice

Thèse - 5 pages - Relations internationales

The nationality law of the People's Republic of China adopted by the fifth National People's Congress at its third session on September 10, 1980 is a socialist law that reflects the essence of Chinese democratic dictatorship and the domestic and foreign policies pursued...

01 août 2011

The French return to NATO's military command structure: Anything beyond great expectations?

Thèse - 6 pages - Relations internationales

The official announcement of France's return to NATO's military command structure triggered a many-fold debate on both the futures of the European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Would France's leanings towards NATO enable the European...

06 juin 2011

Introduction to Norway

Thèse - 3 pages - Relations internationales

A difference exists between the Norwegian government and the French one. But even if Norway is a monarchy, it is a democratic constitutional one. Like in France, the government is elected by the population. However, the participation is not the same in these two states and it the point which we...

26 avril 2011

Doing business in Africa

Thèse - 14 pages - Relations internationales

This report about "Doing business in Africa" is an example of a French company establishing and developing its business in Africa. "We are members of the company "Graine de Star", a French sports school brand. We run a specialized and independent school providing a conducive academic and...

20 avril 2011

Why did United States not join the League of Nations?

Thèse - 8 pages - Relations internationales

World War I broke out in 1914, and it had an enormous impact on the development of the international organizations of countries. With raging bloody battles, the unprecedented “losses in human and material terms” drove the entire world to think of a way to prevent future conflicts. At...

18 avril 2011

Wikileaks: Die größte Leck in der Geschichte der amerikanischen Armee

Thèse - 1 pages - Relations internationales

c'est une e-book qui parle sur les fuites du site wikileaks et son impacte sur le monde

31 Janv. 2011

The conflict between China and the Uighurs

Thèse - 5 pages - Relations internationales

For many decades, Xinjiang, an autonomous region of the People's Republic of China, has been a focal point of ethnic tensions. Currently, the main tensions revolve around the Uighur plurality and the people's deep-seated frustration with Chinese authorities; the region has...

20 Nov. 2010

Congress and Foreign Policy and Control of the Executive

Thèse - 10 pages - Relations internationales

A Foreign Policy aims at finding how to expand the country into what territories through tactics of national interests, how to create and maintain a favorable international order, and how to protect democratic values at home and abroad.In the US, both the President and the Congress share these...

02 Nov. 2010

The uniqueness of Japan's diplomacy: From Meiji to today

Thèse - 3 pages - Relations internationales

Japan has always claimed for a particular place in international relations. The Japanese prefer their country to be a unique model of integration - or non-integration - in the world's diplomatic system rather than a “normal power” that has never been supported by any majority of...

04 Oct. 2010

The Swedish model: Analysis and perspectives

Thèse - 50 pages - Relations internationales

The Swedish Model is often looked at as one of the most advanced model, integrating aspects of social sustainability, and therefore, pointed as an example by many as far as employment, flexibility and job security is concerned. Even though one single week can never be enough to get to understand...