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13 Nov. 2020

Projet de recherche : la diplomatie culturelle au service de la lutte contre le terrorisme

Thèse - 8 pages - Sciences politiques

Maurice Schumann avait prédit que "Le XXIe siècle commencera par une guerre diffuse et permanente." Il aura véritablement commencé, pourrait-on dire, le 11 septembre 2001. Ce jour-là, le terrorisme le plus présomptueux a frappé au coeur de la toute-puissance économique des États-Unis. Le monde...

10 Nov. 2011

The paradox of loyalist prostate paramilitarism

Thèse - 3 pages - Sciences politiques

“The British should realise that we will not accept Dublin interference in our affairs. The potential for Protestant violence is as great now as it always as”. These two sentences, taken from an interview of the Loyalist leader John McMichael in 1985, illustrate the contradiction of...

17 Oct. 2011

What do we mean by Eurocentrism, and what are its dangers?

Thèse - 5 pages - Sciences politiques

For Ama Mazama "there is no general agreement as to what precisely Eurocentrism is", this term highly controversial has indeed several definitions which usually refer to the political opinions of their authors. According to a broad conception Eurocentrism can however be defined as following...

17 Oct. 2011

The non-influence of European public opinion on Europe's engagement in Afghanistan

Thèse - 4 pages - Sciences politiques

"The war in Afghanistan has been unpopular in continental Europe for a long time" noticed The Observer in July 2009 when in April 2009 the Guardian reported: “Barack Obama today won agreement for substantial NATO troop reinforcements in Afghanistan, when nine European nations, including...

17 Oct. 2011

Starting point (Religion as politics)

Thèse - 35 pages - Sciences politiques

In 1670 Charles II signed the secret Treaty of Dover, the first of a series with France whereby he became a pensioner, albeit a modest one, of Louis XIV and, in the words of the treaty sought jointly 'to humble the pride of The States General' (the Netherlands). Few in 1670 could have...

13 Oct. 2011

American Foreign Policy: What was driving the war on terror?

Thèse - 7 pages - Sciences politiques

The violence and the impact of the 9/11 attacks led the Bush government to act strongly in order to reassure the American people. Acting strongly at the time meant that the US would have to fight "the war on terror". This expression, although vague, highlighted a struggle against...

13 Oct. 2011

The Politics and Policies of Cross Borders Region: Is the West Bank barrier an actual border?

Thèse - 8 pages - Sciences politiques

Israel has been building a separation wall between its territory and Palestine since 2002. A decision that goes against the current global movement for a borderless world. Whereas it has never been that easy to circulate from a country to another, some prefer to protect themselves against a...

10 Oct. 2011

Goldilocks politics: The Third Way

Thèse - 8 pages - Sciences politiques

This text is an extract from The Economist, a weekly newspaper, published on 19th December 1998. The Economist is a newspaper supporting free trade and liberalism even if sometimes it can tend to be more moderate, so we can say that it is rather right of centre. The writer remains unknown so we...

02 Sept. 2011

The European Union, a Sustainable Development Normative soon to be Global Power? Evidences from the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit

Thèse - 4 pages - Sciences politiques

Over the last decade, the European Union (EU) clearly came out as a Sustainable Development (SD) worldwide challenger. Is the Union's SD internal commitment enough to predispose it to become a global power in this field? Building on Ian Manners' concept of “Normative Power”(NP), we will...

29 juil. 2011

Should Gazprom fear the shale gas revolution?

Thèse - 4 pages - Sciences politiques

This study will first examine how, after belittling shale gas' growing significance and game changing potential on the global energy market, Gazprom seemed to change its mind on this unconventional energy source. It will then explore to what extent Poland's estimated shale gas...

11 Mars 2011

The Energy Challenge

Thèse - 75 pages - Sciences politiques

The subject of the thesis is about EU-Russia relations. I am really interested in knowing what the key points are and the challenges of their relations is a very difficult one: that is the energy challenge. The energy challenge is indeed one of the greatest tests for Europe. Unlike the...

17 Janv. 2011

The not-so-tragic assassination of Eugene Terre'Blanche: A presentation

Thèse - 4 pages - Sciences politiques

As all of you know, post-apartheid South Africa is sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Nation. This term was coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to emphasize the start of a new era of harmonious multiculturalism and the coming together of people of many different nations, in a country once...

17 Janv. 2011

Alarming situation of the Russian population

Thèse - 3 pages - Sciences politiques

The article "a sickness of soul" was published in 'The Economist' in 2006; this article dealt with the dire demographic situation in Russia. First, I will present the alarming situation of the Russian population and the causes of such a disaster, then the consequences of the demographic...

21 déc. 2010

Is referendum a threat for parliament?

Thèse - 6 pages - Sciences politiques

If 'Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people', the citizens' role consists of mostly voting for their representatives during general elections. Still, from time to time, they are also called to vote for referendums. Once seen as an exceptional event,...

12 déc. 2010

Plato's the Apology

Thèse - 3 pages - Sciences politiques

In 399 BCE, Socrates had to stand trial in Athens. He faced five hundred judges to whom he presented his defense (????????). His accusers, three citizens led by Meletus, charged him with disregarding the gods of the city and corrupting the youth. But Socrates felt the need to answer other...

10 déc. 2010

The EU policy towards fragile states

Thèse - 12 pages - Sciences politiques

“Some developing countries are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, climate change, environmental degradation and external economic shocks. The member States and the EU will support disaster prevention and preparedness in these countries, with a view to increase their resilience in...

09 déc. 2010

Under what circumstances do you think states should intervene in humanitarian crises?

Thèse - 3 pages - Sciences politiques

There is no denying that human rights are nowadays part and parcel of international relations. The humanitarian crises in Iraq, Rwanda, Bosnia, or Kosovo have obviously shown that humanitarian intervention proves to be a controversial right. In this subject it is essential to analyze the current...

24 Nov. 2010

What was Barack Obama's program during the 2008 presidential election campaign? To what extent do you think his program is achievable?

Thèse - 4 pages - Sciences politiques

February 10th 2007, Barack Hussein Obama stood as candidate for the White House race with John MacCain as a running-mate. After passing through the wilderness and being the talk of the town, he managed to achieve 52.9% of the votes. He took the oath of office on the Holy Bible on January 20th...

20 Nov. 2010

The regional balance in the United Kingdom

Thèse - 4 pages - Sciences politiques

The United Kingdom is integrated in a process of globalization characterized by competition. Innovation is an important factor for regional growth. And a lot of disparities existed between the Britain's regions, because the level of regional development is uneven. In effect, The United Kingdom is...

06 Oct. 2010

The role of the government in Canadian business

Thèse - 4 pages - Sciences politiques

Government is a very important factor that affects business in many countries, including Canada, in many ways. The role of government in Canadian business is an ideological issue, since right-wing political parties believe in kind of laissez-faire for business, and left-wing parties think...

06 juil. 2008

EU Conditionality and State-Building in Bosnia: An Uneasy Relationship

Thèse - 75 pages - Sciences politiques

The thesis examines the adequacy of the EU conditionality to induce state-building reforms in the particular context of Bosnia. The purpose is to analyze whether the conditions set, and the incentives offered by the EU are adequate to induce state-building reforms. The EU conditionality has been...

26 Sept. 2007

L'Afrique face à son avenir : Union Africaine ou Union des Etats d'Afrique ?

Thèse - 3 pages - Sciences politiques

La tenue au mois de Juillet dernier du sommet de l'union Africaine au Ghana a été l'occasion de constater de visu l'état des medias en Afrique et le poids qu'ils occupent sur la scène et auprès du public. A Accra, faut-il le rappeler lors de ce sommet, les médias ont été malmenés par les...

10 juil. 2007

Le développement des musées municipaux : un enjeu pour les collectivités territoriales

Thèse - 428 pages - Sciences politiques

Thèse de doctorat de science politique concernant les musées municipaux, ayant été réalisée à partir de recherches théoriques et empiriques en vue d'étudier les motivations des élus, des conservateurs, de l'Etat et la société civile. La volonté de démocratisation de la culture et des...