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30 mai 2011

McLuhan's Global village in today's society

Thèse - 6 pages - Questions sociales

"We now live in a Global Village... a simultaneous happening" McLuhan and Fiore (1967) declared. Indeed, with the rise of electric media such as TV, radio, the telephone, and especially the Internet, it seems that people are ever more connected with each other. Herbert Marshall McLuhan...

02 mai 2011

What can Web 2.0 do for deliberative democracy?

Thèse - 4 pages - Questions sociales

Democracy and political practices have already gone a long way since the birth of Internet: online campaigns, online votes, speeches on videos that can be watched over and over on video-sharing websites. Internet has transformed the reality of the political bubble in many ways and...

02 mai 2011

The anti-gang campaign in Serbia

Thèse - 6 pages - Questions sociales

The topic of ‘youth gangs' has become an important issue which concerns a lot of communities, especially the police. The available empirical evidence suggests that gangs are present in almost every continent, especially in urban areas but also increasingly in other regions. The...

01 mai 2011

L'innovation est un facteur de progrès

Thèse - 5 pages - Questions sociales

Ce document explique en quoi l'innovation est un progrès mais aussi dans quel contexte il faut retracer cette vérité. On voir aussi l'impact qu'on les innovations sur les sociétés de notre époque.

15 Mars 2011

Inter-cultural training in London: An internship report

Thèse - 10 pages - Questions sociales

The U.K. is one of the most important European countries located on an island west of the continent. Its particular location and history often encourages the concept that the U.K. can often be regarded as the American son of Europe. It is a unitary state composed of England,...

11 Janv. 2011

Establishing contacts, gift giving, entertaining, dress codes and negotiations styles in Egypt, Greece and Brazil

Thèse - 4 pages - Questions sociales

In every day life and more especially in business and negotiations, it is important to understand the different cultures and their particular characteristics to be a good manager or negotiator. By having competent knowledge in cross-cultural communication,international businessmen will have an...

02 Janv. 2011

Ethical theory and business Practice: Are the French strikes ethical as they defend the working conditions while they block the economy?

Thèse - 8 pages - Questions sociales

This report is going to highlight an ethical case. I decided to choose the French strikes that happen every year as an example of business ethic dilemmas. Before explaining the case, I would like to summarize what is ethics and how it applies to business. Let's see an “academic”...

13 déc. 2010

The Vietnam War for the US film industry

Thèse - 10 pages - Questions sociales

The Vietnam War represents a crucial moment in U.S. contemporary history and has given rise to the conflict, which has so intensively motivated the American film industry. Although some Vietnam movies were produced during the conflict, it has been since the end of the war that the subject has...

10 déc. 2010

Business Ethics: Illegal immigration

Thèse - 9 pages - Questions sociales

The aim of this Business Ethics course is to learn how to identify and respond effectively to the moral challenges and opportunities of leadership in a complex and constantly moving environment of competing moral claims. It was asked to students that we have to establish factual...

10 déc. 2010

Ethics and the consumer coursework

Thèse - 5 pages - Questions sociales

In a world where globalization seems to be everywhere, some notions such as ethics, consumer policy, involving government and others organizations emerge. The ultimate aim of this is the well-being of people, more precisely, consumers. The term “ethics” is used to define a...

26 Nov. 2010

The organization of French Civil Protection (from the Maire to the Ministry of interior)

Thèse - 5 pages - Questions sociales

The civil security, which has for object the prevention of all kinds of risks as well as the protection of the persons, the goods and the environment against the accidents or natural disasters was at first the business of local authorities. Communities got organized and only the mutual aid...

18 Nov. 2010

The origins and the influence of the western quest for perfection

Thèse - 5 pages - Questions sociales

One of the most powerful values of the word 'Occident' is perfection. In order to understand how it became that important, it is necessary to look at how civilizations evolved and what conveys the creation of perfection in our everyday life. Indeed, perfection has had numerous different...

12 Nov. 2010

Social networking in Europe and China

Thèse - 5 pages - Questions sociales

By way of introduction, we can say that in recent years, we have noticed a sharp increase and improvement of the web tools. In passing the web 1.0, most of the websites were commercial in nature or communicative about the web 2.0 which allows users to enrich the content of websites according to...

02 Nov. 2010

Islam and National identity in Indonesia

Thèse - 6 pages - Questions sociales

Because Indonesia's culture is strongly linked to the Islamic religion - Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim population, today with about 200 million Muslims out of 230 million Indonesians, in other words 86% of Indonesians are Muslims- both the official definition of Indonesian...

11 Oct. 2010

Daisy Bates: The engagement of a woman into the Civil Rights Movement

Thèse - 6 pages - Questions sociales

Daisy Bates was a woman who decided to not submit to the white violence that black people were facing in the South. She is an interesting case because of her evolution from hatred to activism. Scholars do not usually stress the role that Daisy Bates played within the Civil Rights movement...

02 Mars 2007

Les conséquences des troubles socio-politiques sur le système éducatif centrafricain de 1991 à l'an 2001

Thèse - 350 pages - Questions sociales

Ce travail de thèse cible essentiellement les questions relatives aux effets de l'instabilité socio-politique et de conflits internes sur l'offre et la demande d'éducation. Il présente au préalable une analyse comparative qui indique que les pays pour lesquels le développement de...