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03 mai 2011

Sir Alfred Hitchcock: A unique perspective of movie making style, always done for the viewers

Thèse - 2 pages - Cinéma

Nothing in Mister Hitchcock's childhood foretold him to pursue his great career in movie making. The little Hitchcock was quiet, shy and reserved. He spent a part of his scholarship in a Jesuit college which gave him a critical opinion of integrity of people working for churches. He also had had...

11 avril 2011

The frontier between life and death in the history of cinema

Thèse - 15 pages - Cinéma

The old conception of death has always been scary and morbid, a thing that has always been hard to accept, so that it had to be mysterious. Something that people would not want to talk about, that was considered as a taboo. Of course, it was the same as all the taboo subjects, like the cinema, as...

19 Janv. 2011

Film Industry: Analysis of the Venice and Cannes film festivals

Thèse - 3 pages - Cinéma

The Venice Film Festival, also known as the Mostra, is the oldest film festival in the world, as its first opening dates from 1932. At first, the festival was only an art exhibition, to which music, cinema, theater, architecture and eventually dance were added, which makes it a...

09 déc. 2010

Reality TV

Thèse - 2 pages - Cinéma

Reality TV is a kind of TV program which presents humorous and dramatic situations without a script, documents actual events and features ordinary people instead of professional actors. Documentaries and nonfictional programs such as the news and sports shows are usually not classified as a...

26 Nov. 2010

Pathe: Internal and external analysis of the company

Thèse - 70 pages - Cinéma

Pathe is a French movie company. This company was founded as Societe Pathe Freres in Paris in 1886, by four brothers: Charles, Emile, Theophile and Jacques Pathe. First, thanks to Charles Pathe, the company became a major producer of phonograph records. Then he decided to extend his company to...

19 Nov. 2010

Research methodology to arrive at the recommendations to improve businesses advertising and marketing strategies for a client

Thèse - 20 pages - Cinéma

The aim of this report is to make recommendations to our client CS in order to improve businesses advertising and marketing strategies. The company has been established for 10 years but through poor advertising has not reached its full potential that the owner enthusiastically believes it...